Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Playing catch up!

Easter Break at Leo Carillo 2010 Koty, Barret and Riley
Logan giving Ethan a ride on his skateboard

Lily and Jared going for a walk


Little buddies

Lindsey and Lily

Cambria taking care of Colin

Chad and Ethan

Cambria and Ethan


Cambria and Ellie

Chad, Logan and Bella
Lily and Bella

Papa and Lily

The Gang

Linz, Jared and Lily

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I thought I would update those of you who follow the blog and know about Logan's accident last March. In December the guy responsible for Logan's terrible beating was sentenced to 6 years in prison. They gave Logan the opportunity to address him in the court room and I could not have been prouder. He told him , "My God tells me I have to forgive you, so I forgive you". One of the other things he told him was how he changed many lives that day. He changed Logans forever but most important he changed his own. He told him that he hoped he took this time while he is locked up to find God and come out a changed man. Perry and i were very proud of him. It has been a very long year. He is doing good and has got his life back. He has found God again, and he truly is changed because of it. We are very grateful once again to everyone and their prayers and concern for our family this last year. We are ready for great things in 2010!! We leave the year 2009 with much gratitude for family, friends and most importantly God!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009

Santa was good to us this year...Mom and Dad got a new home, and the kids got lots of stuff!! Riley enjoyed a sponge Bob year, Lily with her new stroller and baby,Parker wanted a "Marshmellow jacket" and Landon got new ear muffs for his new ride (a motorized bike)! Cambria got a giant Hello Kitty gum ball machine (she wont have to pay Riley for any more of his gumballs)! Bella, was our Christmas beauty, Linz and Jared got a car dvd system so they can keep Lily busy on their many trips back to Fresno.Logan got to be with Brayden on a trip to SanDiego after Christmas. Ethan got a new Rocking horse and Chad got a watch to help him be on time...and Monique enjoyed some new perfume. We feel blessed to have a job and have family close to us so that we can be together on such special times of the year. We hope you had a blessed and joyus Christmas too!

Friday, September 25, 2009

An "Angel straight from Heaven"

On wednesday the 23rd of September at 6:38 pm we welcomed Isabella Ianna Bennett into our family. She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. The proud parents are happy she is finally here. Can you believe how beautiful her mother looks the day after her delivery. Pretty amazing. Chad's not looking to bad himself.
Chad and Ethan on the parking lot shuttle from the hospital to go see the new arrival
Proud Grandma

After her bath, about 2 hrs old

The most precious thing ever

minutes after she was born

We are so happy that she is here safe and sound with all 10 toes and fingers. She is beautiful
Congradulations to Monique and chad

Thursday, August 13, 2009

San Diego

Cambria and I made a quick weekend trip to San Diego to see Brayden. It was a very quick weekend but a great one!! We enjoyed spending time with Grandpa & Grandma Bennett and especially spending the time with Brayden and Kristi. We decided to take the kids to the movie Ice Age in 3d. It was soo cute and the kids loved it. The really funny part was that Brayden was determined to NOT wear those silly glasses!! Once we were there he gave in and from then on he did not want to take those glasses off! He wore them in the resteraunt for lunch and has continued to wear them since. Krisit sent me a text message with a picture of him wearing them while riding in the car...such a funny, funny, guy!! He just tickles his Grandma. Way to quick of a trip but I just couldn't go the summer without seeing my little guy. His Grandma misses him and treasured the time (though way to fast) with him. Ater the movie

At the resteraunt At Grandpa and Grandma Bennetts

After we went back and enjoyed ice cream and some fun in the sprinklers

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bass Lake 2009

4th of july at Bass Lake 2009. Another great year with family and friends.

Lazy Days!!
Our American Girl!!!
Thank goodness she had her jacket on. She fell in feeding those hungry ducks!!

Chad and Monique came for a day and played. Chad with Ethan and Colin. No picture of monique..sorry about that. Not to sure how she feels being photographed at 7 months p.g. looking forward to a bundle of girl joy in Sept.

Lilly bug with her Daddy and Momma

Roni, Dustin, Dylan and Sheryl... Good times with family, thats what it's all about!!
Dallas Landon and Parker (I think Landon still thinks he is in Hawaii)!
Riley feeding the ducks
Colin and Cambria feeding the ducks that came to visit quite often

There's just something about the sun, juicy gossip magazines and the water that go together!!!

Dallas and Parker on the dock......aren't they soo goofy
There was plenty of time on the lake for tubing and just floating in the water
Colin and Cambria were so excited to begin their fishing adventure...Grandpa/Daddy bought them new poles (spiderman and Barbie). They gave it a try and although they weren't sussesful this year they are sure they will catch one next year.

This is the view from our cabin balcony. We love to just sit and watch the boats and relax